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Terms Of Service

Terms of Service ChiroWeb.US:

  1. General:
    This website is Designed and Maintained by Chiroweb.US, a division of myVillage, Inc.  It is required that all visitors, users and update providers, “collectively called Users here after”, of this website agree to the terms and conditions in this document. If Users do not agree to the terms and conditions they must leave this website and stop using services provided on this website.
  2. Accuracy of Information:
    ChiroWeb.US, its affiliates and staff,  “collectively ChiroWeb.US here after”, has done its utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this page and other pages. However, ChiroWeb.US is not responsible for any omissions or errors, or any actions arising from omissions, errors and representations made.
  3. Other Websites:
    Chiroweb.US is not responsible for accuracy or reliability this website may link to, that is the responsibility of the linked websites operators.
  4. Copyrights and Intellectual Property:
    All contents on this website, included, but not limited to, text, images, media, design and look and feel are property of ChiroWeb.US, except for the contents that in specific describe the doctor’s information and information about their office and their staff. None of the contents on this website may be copies, modified, used, reused, stored or retained, except for reviewing the same.
  5. Copying and Re-Use:
    In case some one would like to use the contents provided on this website, they can only do so after receiving written approval from Chiroweb.US.
  6. Patient Privacy:
    Any health related information placed or obtained through this website, its databases, its emails, forms placed on the website, information transmitted through this website via any media, such as print, internet, etc. are subject to Privacy Practice Notice. Other information obtained or transmitted which is not health-related is not subject to Privacy Practice Notice.
  7. ChiroWeb.US Fees:
    ChiroWeb.US provides both free and for fee services. When for fee services are provided ChiroWeb.US reserve the right to charge its customers at rate determined by ChiroWeb.US for the particular services. ChiroWeb.US reserves the right anytime, to increase the fee for the services it provides.
  8. Services Provided:
    The services provided by ChiroWeb.US are provided on as is basis and may be stopped, paused or removed at any time for any reason and without notice.
  9. Trademarks:
    Trademarks may not be used without prior permission from the trademark owner.
  10. Terms Of Use:
    ChirpWeb.US reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and provisions thereof any time for any reason and without notice.