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Dr. Susan M. Adams

Dr. Susan AdamsHi, I’m Dr Susan Adams and I thank you for visiting our website! I graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1986. My undergraduate studies were at The University of Michigan. I began my practice in Lexington in June of 1987 and continue to love helping people return to their activities without the pain and restrictions they had before receiving chiropractic care. The activator instrument is the primary technique I use for adjusting, though other techniques are used depending on what is needed for each patient.  In our office an individualized approach to care is important with nutrition, exercise and more utilized when it will help someone to heal faster or stay healthier. Working as a team with each patient allows the individual to do what they can at home and me to help with their alignment and motion corrections here. This way, people can reach their full health potential as quickly as possible.

Many, many people have told me that they thought they “would just have to live with it” until someone suggested they try chiropractic.  One of the most common statements people make is they wish they hadn’t waited so long to call. Whether it is relieving pain, restoring function, eliminating headaches or acid reflux, or helping someone to get their energy back, it is wonderful to be able to help people get healthy again naturally!

In my personal life I enjoy spending time with my husband Kurt, our three dogs, Lucy, Pepper and Chomper and volunteering with the Woodford Humane Society. As a member of the Rotary Club of Lexington since 1994 it has been wonderful to be a part of so many ways of helping locally and internationally since giving back and community involvement are very important to me.

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